Fox Group - Avalon Airport Freight Hub

Fox Group - Avalon Airport Freight Hub


The Fox Group, owners of Avalon airport wanted to investigate the viability of turning the airport into a major freight hub for S.E. Australia and examine possible models


The Agri business was contracted to research the current air freight market across S.E. Australia examining the five sectors of seafood, meat, horticulture, beverages and dairy.  The process mapped out their current supply chains, volumes, market potentials and issues.  Over the nine month contract the investigation moved from a general market overview to specific country and product opportunities included in a business plan.  Overall four reports were developed for the Fox Group Board.


When it came to researching and then developing a business case for Avalon airport to become an airfreight hub I immediately went to The Agri Business. I needed people that were highly connected in agribusiness, had business nous and an entrepreneurial mindset to help evaluate the potential of airfreight.  Over 9 months The Agri Business partnered with me to provide macro information to the Fox Group board and then to delve deeper into developing business plans and opportunities.  Their attention to detail and their ‘go above and beyond’ attitude made working with them a pleasure and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough for other businesses.

Craig Fishburn.
Project Lead