Tumbarumba Vignerons Association brand philosophy

Tumbarumba Vignerons Association brand philosophy


Tumbarumba Vignerons Association represents the grape growers, wine makers and cellar doors of the Tumbarumba GI region.  This region produces Australia's most premium grapes and wines that are in high demand by Australia's premier labels.

The association understood that it needed unifying sense of direction and vision to protect and grow it's market share, expand the brand's reach and enable the association to provide a story that could resonate with consumers and tourists.


Developed a brand core (vision, mission, purpose, personality, values and positioning statement) for internal use then translate this into a brand story for marketing.  Develop a strategic plan for the association to follow to implement the brand core.

RESULT - The Brand Story

It’s cold here. Snow, frosts, blizzards. This is mountain country, no easy place to grow grapes, no easy place to live. But with everything in life there is the contradiction. For the warmth here is found in the people, their smiles and their welcoming. A crackling fire, a clink of glasses, a hearty country meal.

And each year in this cold climate, where there’s a fine line between perfection and disaster, a dance occurs between the vignerons and nature. Vines are nurtured, weather watched, knowledge shared, crops protected. Finally the weather warms, ripening begins. The result is a boutique vintage of prized grapes, unique in flavour, that can’t be replicated anywhere else over this vast continent.

Then the alchemists waltz in. Those wine makers of repute, who understand what premium means, craft our produce into wine. But no ordinary wine it is. A wine of distinctive style, destined for our nation’s top restaurants and eateries, where connoisseurs who understand that quality is worth experiencing come to dine.

And that’s why we own our vineyards, cellar doors and winery’s. Knowing that every day, someone takes their first sip of our exceptional cold-­‐ climate wine; tasting our passion and our mountains. Never to forget.